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Cody Jensen, Introduction

“If I were to list all of the incredible traits Cody Jensen brings to the table for our company and previous companies we have worked together for, we would be here all day! Cody is a true Digital Marketer in every sense of the word. From Biz Dev, to SEO, and down to Web Dev, the guy is just a flat out genius. Cody establishes some of the strongest relationships and networking opportunities that I have ever witnessed” -Matthew Santos

Cody Jensen grew up in small town just north of Salt Lake City, UT. He is the oldest of three siblings and is in every sense a true family man. He attended Fremont high school where he excelled in Golf, He still maintains a 3 handicap. After graduating high school; he attended the Woodbury School of Business where his true passion for technology was conceived. After school, he joined forces with the search giant Google as an intern and he fell in love with search engine marketing and Google Analytics. He worked there for two years before crawling up the corporate chain with some of the largest digital marketing firms in the country. He always says, “If we focus on our clients growth, our growth will naturally follow.”


He also started his own PPC company along the way and is quite often invited as a guest blogger/speaker for respected companies such as SEMRush, PPC Hero, Moz, Venture Beat, and Forbes. In late of 2014, Cody decided he wanted to bring integrity & performance to Search Engine Marketing and took the plunge by freelancing as an internet marketing consultant. He found he could provide the best internet marketing solutions while maintaining the most competitive prices and transparency. He is considered one of the most respected marketers in the business because of his ethics, honesty, his drive for excellence and his industry knowledge.